Your Home's Maintenance Log

Isn't it funny that most of us take the time every six or twelve months to service our vehicle but we don't do the same with the most expensive purchase we've made in our lifetime? 


My Home Inspector.Biz offers a multi-point annual maintenance check-up of your home similar to an automobile check-up, then tracks and logs your home data and assigns your home with a unique HIN#.  Once enrolled in this program, we will come to your home and do an annual multi-point inspection, as well as a follow up review of the areas we noted that were in need of repair/replacement, and update your official online records accordingly. 


Just imagine how much easier it will be when you go to sell your home and you present the buyer with a complete maintenance and repair log of everything you've done to your home over the years - All of this confirmed and attested to by a Licensed NY & CT State Home Inspector. 


Please ask one of our Home Inspectors about all the deatils while they're out inspecting your new home.