Annual Home Check-Up Overview

First year:


A thorough inspection of the home is performed along with digital pictures to visually document all areas of your home including high maintenance areas this is the beginning of your "Homes History". This information is kept on a secure, off site server. (No paper)

Specific need areas are noted along with repair, replacement or maintenance recommendations.

An on-line report is generated that will document the home's condition and the steps you should take to repair areas of concern and maintain its value. Your home's history will be available for review 24/7 on a secure off site server.


Every year after:


We return yearly and perform a 5 point check-up inspection of the home, roof, attic, basement/foundation, plumbing, heating/AC along with any custom services if needed.

We document how, if any, original problems were addressed.

We inspect for any new concerns.

We document all improvements or changes you may have done. ie: new deck, new furnace, new windows etc.

A new section is then added to your original report, showing the history of your house.


As a member of The "House Facks" Home History Program:


You now have a consultant that will assist you in the care of your home.

You have an on-line record of the history of your house.


With the Home History Program, you can:


Organize home maintenance and repair records in an easily accessible online format.

Showcase the home's history to potential buyers when you are ready to sell.

Email digital records of the care and maintenance put into the home throughout the years.

Send the Housefacks report directly to realtors.

Receive Housefacks Home Sales Service from MyHomeInspector.Biz and receive discounted consulting services before putting a home on the market or a discounted inspection of a new home.

It is never too late to start a record of your home's history

As a homeowner, we know you view your home as an investment. The Home History Program is a valuable tool in maintaining and selling your home.

The Home History Program uses the latest technology to provide you with an accurate maintenance record of the history of your home in a convenient, paperless, internet-based report.


The bottom line:


For less than you'll spend on oil changes for your car in one year, the Home History Program, in conjunction with Housefacks, will provide a yearly check-up and ongoing maintenance record for your home. You will also have access to a home consultant. The typical price for this yearly check-up inspection is $150.00.