Annual Check-Up FAQ's

What exactly will the inspector be looking for when they do the check-ups?


Answer: There are three areas the inspector will be documenting. First, the check-up looks at the concerns found on previous inspections to see if they have been remedied. Second, the inspector will look for any new concerns, when they are small before they become expensive problems. This includes looking at the attic, plumbing, radon levels, mold and moisture penetration in basement. Third, the inspector will document any new improvements or changes to the property, such as a new deck or hot water heater.


How will this help me sell my home in the future?


Answer: The report will provide an accurate history of the home's maintenance and improvements. This will be documented, with pictures and dates. When you provide this history to potential buyers, they will be more informed about their decision feel more comfortable with buying a house that was well maintained.


When I sell my house, will my realtor think this is a good idea? Will my realtor get any benefit from my doing this?


Answer: The realtor will be provided with the web address for easy access to the home history report that can then be passed on to any prospective buyers. This will provide the prospective buyer with detailed information about the house. The buyer will feel secure and familiar with house even before she steps into the house for the first time.


If we make improvements that were not on the original report, will they be included in the anniversary report?


Answer: Yes. The subsequent check-ups will document any improvements or repairs that were made since the last time the inspector was there. It is also incumbent that the report show any additional concerns or issues that might have appeared since the inspector's last visit.


What if I lapse a year after the first anniversary inspection? Do I have to start all over again?


Answer: The value of this program is in the complete history of the house, missing one year will not diminish that value, but having several years missing will reduce the effectiveness of this program.


How will the anniversary inspection be scheduled? Will you contact me or do I need to remember to contact you?


Answer: A few weeks before the anniversary of your report, the inspector will contact you to schedule the check-up.


How often do I pay for this program?


Answer: You will pay the inspector at the time of each check up.


How do I get the results from my check-ups?


Answer: That is the easy part. At the time of your first inspection you will be provided with a hyper link in an email of your report on a secure website. After each check-up, your original report will be modified with an additional section at the bottom. By clicking on the original hyper link your old report will be brought up with the results of the most recent inspection at the bottom.


What if I move to another part of the country?


Answer: There are House Facks inspectors in every area of the country. When you start looking for a new home in your new location be sure to use a House Facks Home History Program member.


How will you document repairs that we made on our property that appear on our original inspection?


Answer: Your original concerns from your first inspection will be checked. Once these concerns have been addressed, the check-up report will document the improvements.